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Aesthetic adjustments


Application of hyaluronic acid to the lips is a sought-after aesthetic procedure that has made women around the world dream of  more voluminous and  juvenile lips.
- The procedure itself is preceded by a thorough consultation of a doctor with
  client, thanks to which the doctor will create an image of  the very idea of the client and  informs her about  possible performance risks.
Clients often request an inconspicuous change with
  to hydrate the lips and  fine enlargement, other times they will come with a request for  straightening lip asymmetry or highlighting lip contours.
- The effect of the procedure lasts in
  range 6-14 months in  depending on the absorption metabolism, site and  the filler used.

Conditions that do not allow the application of hyaluronic acid:
1. Pregnant a
  breastfeeding women
2. Known hypersensitivity to product content, special preparations with
  containing a local anesthetic (lidocaine).
3. Autoimmune diseases that are not well controlled by drugs
4. Active disease in
  site of application (Herpes zoster, acne, rosacea, open wounds, dental abscess, inflammation)
5. Application of a permanent product in
  application site (silicone, acrylic polymer)
6. Connect the application with
  peeling, laser treatment, or ultrasound-based treatment.
7. Blood clotting disorders, anticoagulant treatment

Botulinum toxin administration is another common procedure which, due to the interruption of the neuromuscular  with safe doses of botulinum toxin smoothes or alleviates (especially for deep, static wrinkles) mimic wrinkles on the face. IN  younger age
its regular application can serve as a prevention against the formation of deep and
  unwanted mimic wrinkles.
- The procedure itself is almost painless, does not require anesthesia, it is performed with a thin needle. It is also a time - saving intervention in
  lasting up to 15 minutes, which in turn does not require convalescence. The most requested sites of the application are the ones where we get the most wrinkles and  the forehead, the area around the eyes and  root of the nose.
- IN
  We will consistently teach clients in advance about our study  possible, albeit very rare, side effects of botulinum toxin, as well as adherence to certain principles immediately after botulinum toxin application, such as not touching the application site for at least 4 hours
after surgery and
  don't forget to re-determine your favorite cosmetic facial treatment at least two weeks after the application of botulinum toxin 
- The effect of the application begins to be visible 48-72 hours after the procedure with
  its gradual reverberation in  horizon 3-6 months. After this time, it is advisable to repeat the application.

Conditions that do not allow botulinum toxin application:
1. Pregnant a
  breastfeeding women
2. In case of allergy to any component of the preparation
3. In blood clotting disorders
4. In case of inflammation in
  application site area
5. Nervous a
  metabolic diseases (Myasthenia Gravis)

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